Views of the Berrichon countryside


Snow in Crozon Barn next door

After snowfall the countryside of the Berry is a collection of X-mas cards


Dandelions at La Chaise Cherry blossoms

Spingtime may offer you rather warm days. In april and may everything is in blossom. The dandelions colour the meadows yellow.


White Charolais Cat at sunset

In South-Berry there are two important breeds of cattle: white Charolais and brown Limousin cows. Calves stay with their mother. This is called:"élevée sous la mère". Sometimes even the bull is present. In june the sun sets at half past nine behind the distant hills.

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A meadow at Crozon sur Vauvre On the road to Chassignolles

In october the mornings are fresh and the days are still warm and sunny. The weather is lovely for walking.

Crozon sur Vauvre Flowers at a farm near Nermond

Many annual flowers start a second flowering.

Hidden valley Hidden valley

Nature is beautiful. Trees are colouring yellow and red.

Hidden valley Near La Tessoniere

Chestnuts are everywhere.

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Le Moulin de Bordessoule Cranes flying south

October is sunny and calm. The cranes ("grues") are flying south.


Fougerolles Preugnarault


In november many fields are ploughed. Winterwheat colours the fields green.


Le Magny Tree in the garden

The frost has come. Snow has not fallen yet.

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La Bachasse